Biking in Ossendrecht

Nothing quite as relaxing as spending a beautifull day riding a bike. Breathing in fresh air and flower scent, hearing that typical strong Dutch wind passing by. You'll love the colourfull landscapes and experience true en honest Brabantse hospitality. 

GPS routes starting at the Volksabdij

Each route being about 50 km long, they'll be taking you to the borders with Vlaanderen, Belgium and the northern part of the Brabanste Wal, an area loved by many. Get on that bike!

Route North, 51 km

This route takes you to the Zoom, the Heide in Bergen op Zoom and Fort de Roovere in Halsteren. With small elevations this route is quit heavy on the untrained legs. Used to it? Make sure to put it in higher gear! Route North is worth every drop of sweat though. You'll love every view!

Route South, 49 km

Route South takes you through Ossendrecht and Berendrecht, Stabroek and Kapellen, small historic cities with lots of culture to be seen. After Kapellen, it's a U-turn that takes you back to the Volksadbij. It may be the shortest route, but it definitely isn't one to be missed. 

Route West, 51.5 km

Passing Ossendrecht, this route takes you to Belgium, where you'll visit Berendrecht and Zandvliet. This is one for those not to shy to face strong wind. Make sure you bring food and drinks, the number of bars along the way is close to zero. 

Route East, 54 km

A lovely route taking you through the Lievensberg forest to Heerle and Wouwe. You'll find yourself back at the Zoom once again while you're surrounded by amazing landscapes and charismatic little villages. On your way back to the Volksabdij you'll be wishing the road never ends.

Borderpark Biking routes

Hop on! These routes are all about variety! Swinging through nature and culture, heathland and forest, village centers and rural areas, you'll get to see the most beautiful places in the area. Plan your brakes wisely, lots of cozy cafes and restaurant to be found along the way! Catch your breath and enjoy the gorgeous surroundings.


If needed it's possible to rent a bike a the Volksabdij. E-bikes are a part of our offer as well. Making early reservations is adviced.